Porting Pelican-Ghostwriter

Sun 23 Jul 2017

Today was a fun day. I've been thinking about starting a blog over the last couple of weeks. A blog is a great way to write what you think. I wanted to combine this with programming.

My first days of research brought me to blogs that talk about writing. That, in turn, lead me to blogs talking about writing documentation. That's where I found Jacob Kaplan-Moss's blog about writing great documentation.

The first thing I noticed as I was making my way through these excellent articles is how the theme, Ghostwriter, took away all unnecessary distractions. Naturally drawing you to read the content. That's when I knew I wanted this theme too. Never have I seen a website retaining my focus this good.

It's a Ghost theme. Ghost is a very nice platform but way too powerfull for my needs. Pelican, also referenced at Jacob's blog, is a static site generator. This makes for a small compact, not overcomplicated blog. A great feature is that you can use Markdown or reStructuredText to write content.

My first stop was Jacob's Github. Google was my next. I was a little flustered to discover that this great theme hasn't been ported yet after being 3 years on the internet. I decided to do it on my own.

Most of the work was already cutout to be honest. The theme, other than my personal preference didn't need much to work within Pelican. I just created the structure as documented by Pelican, created the templates and pasted most of the original code right in.

All the work after that is purely personal preferences.

I used Gulp for easy Sass compilation and tested locally. Time flew and within about 3-4 hours the code was ready! The result is what you are seeing now.

Right now this theme is exactly how I want it for my personal blog. In the future I will try and expand this code to support all the theme features Pelican has to offer to make a more complete version.

You can download this theme via this repo.