2020's New Years Resolutions

Sun 29 Dec 2019

This post is on a more personal note. We all make New Year's Resolutions. I've got a few and want to post these here to hold me to them. I want to be able to look back next year and know that I've given all I've got to achieve these.

I've had a job switch recently and my main focus is to give that my all. I want to work with the team. Sharing knowledge and get to know their products in and out. Learning and giving back, elevating each other.

Work hard, play hard

It has always been work hard, play hard. I like it. I've always been more work-oriented though and want to keep pushing myself to learn more.

Last year has had its rough patches. I've been working a crazy amount of hours. In the end, you reap what you sow. When you work hard the rewards are equally satisfying. It has given me a lot of knowledge and it made me a better developer.

I've been sharing my knowledge with my colleagues and this year is all about keeping the same course. I want to share this knowledge on this blog over the year.

Be my best positive self

Be my best self and say yes more often than no. Keep a proactive and positive stance in life for the coming year. I've always been a positive guy and intent to keep it that way.

Release my project MVP

I've been working on a project for months together with a friend of mine. The plan is to release the MVP Q1 2020. Functionally most of the things are there. They need a little polish here and there but everything we need to release is there. This is going to be a big project to release for me. It packs most of the knowledge I've learned working at my previous work. I've been very strict to myself when coding it and a few open-source packages have been developed as part of this project.

The project is scalable and choosing the right platform when growing will be interesting.

Personal development

I want to keep developing myself as I did this year. In the coming year, I will be working with Laravel a lot. My goal is to get as competent with Laravel as I do with ZF3. I also want to keep developing open-source code and publish a few more packages to Github. There are plenty of ideas I've got that still haven't been developed by others that could help my codebase as others.

Personal health

I've been overweight and been meaning to lose weight. It's been a hard journey and ran hundreds of kilometers (400+) in an attempt to lose weight. I've been using MiFit and Google Fit in combination with Lifesum to track my habits. My first attempt made me lose around 20kg. However, due to badly timed parties, I gained that weight back pretty quickly and didn't get back to exercising. I love parties and it has been my fault, it is bittersweet to have gained after working hard to lose it :)

This year I aim to get in great shape again.